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Notice of Graduates Leaving CTGU in 2022

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The graduation season in 2022 is coming, and graduates should go through all the following procedures before leaving CTGU.

The graduates in Yichang should download and print 'Stamps Sheet for International Students Leaving CTGU' (Annex 1). You need to fill in it and get the seal of the library, finance department and dormitory office before you can get your certificates.

The graduates who are not in Yichang need to fill in 'Letter of Attorney for Procedures of Leaving CTGU' (Annex 2-1), and 'Authorization Letter for Handling Dorm Checking-out'(Annex 2-2). Please entrust the student to go through all the graduation procedures for you(Also need to print Annex 1).

After checking out from your dormitory, graduates should move out of the dormitory within three days and leave China before your final residence permit expires.

 Annex 1 Stamps Sheet for International Students Leaving CTGU.docx 

Annex 2-1 Letter of Attorney for Procedures of Leaving CTGU.docx

 Annex 2-2 Authorization Letter for Handling Dorm Checking-out.docx


Office of International Exchange and Education Management

July 6, 2022